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Fayette County Community

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peachtree city [28 Jun 2005|01:35pm]

My dad lives in Peachtree and I’m going to visit him for about three weeks. I get so freaking bored there. So, natives, if you can help me out and post things I can do while I’m stuck there. Do you have a community pool? Or like weekly party I can crash.

I’m from south Florida and in a span of 20 miles I have beach, my own pool, malls, amusement parks, everything I need. So I’m not used to just sitting and being bored.

And I lived in Fayetteville for like 8 years so I know all the tourist spots in Atlanta and those don’t amuse me. We live in (I think its called) flat creek villas. It’s a townhouse. I’m 18.
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[17 Jun 2005|12:12am]

Plugging my new podcast. The Bottom Line

Check it out at www.flyingheel.com

I wanna put as much focus on the southside of Atlanta, more specifically Fayette Co. And I need your help in doing that. Check it out and email me at bottomline79@gmail.com and send some feedback. We'll talk about whatever you want to talk about.
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[16 Jun 2005|10:21pm]
[ mood | worried ]

Hi all. If this is considered spam, feel free to delete it.

I live up in MD and help to do dog tranports in which dogs from high kill facilities are transported to no kill shelters, foster homes or permanent homes. I just received an email from an Animal Control officer in Liberty County/Hinesville, GA who is desperately trying to find as many foster or permanent homes for a large number of dogs getting thrown out of a local shelter. Either they find homes within the next week or they will be put down. If any of you are interested and could possibly help out to foster or permanently adopt a dog, PLEASE contact Linda Cordry at gagirl1069@yahoo.com.

Transports CAN be set-up to transport the dog to your home.

Here's a list of some of the dogs in need of homes:

Read more...Collapse )

Here is their website, as well: http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/southerncomfort.html

Thank you for looking and I apologize again if this is considered spam. Take care everyone!

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[15 Jun 2005|02:10pm]

I'm starting up a podcast show and I wanna put most of the focus on it on stuff happening in the Fayette area, and I'm looking for help as to what to talk about. Any ideas?
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Heyyyy Everybody [12 Jun 2005|01:06am]

just moved back in with my family from Birmingham, AL (GRADUATED FROM UAB). I live in peachtree city. I am about to restart my tennis lessons. I live tennis. I love it. If anyone around here plays tennis just give me a reply and we can meet and play, because I have nobody to play. What is it with all the golf carts? Is it because of traffic? It is more convienent? Or is it just a status thing like hey look at me I can afford a golf cart? It is a nice city though. Everyone is nice. Pretty much everyone has a lot of money, so everyone here can relate to each other really well. It's nice. I am not sure to many people are on here from peachtree since I am the first post. I am a male. 21. Graduated from UAB with a biology degree and going premed. I am single just broke up with my fiance after 3 years because she was unfaithful. ANYWAYS we aren't going to go there. If anyone is from peachtree and is bored or just wants to hang out give me a reply.
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Georgia Japanese Community [30 May 2005|02:16pm]

I just wanted to let folks know that I've setup a community for Japanese language students in Georgia, called joojia. I hope it will be helpful for those of us wanting to learn more about Japan and its language, culture, and society.

Crossposted to other Georgia LJ communities.

Thanks, and everyone have a Good Memorial Day!
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[09 May 2005|11:56pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey! Jack Welch was signing books at the Books-A-Million in Peachtree City today! Found out at the last minute, but was so glad I did. He is such a nice guy. Did anyone else go?

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Fish Fry This Friday [15 Mar 2005|08:24pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Allison #1 vfd
Fish Fry
Village of Allison
This Friday noon-6pm
Spring Fundraiser
$5.00 fish on a dish
cole slaw
french fries
soda .50

Your support is Greatly Appreciated!

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[17 Jan 2005|10:59am]

[ mood | bored ]

well, it looks like nobody uses this community anymore but i thought i'd give it a shot. I just moved to P'tree City this past June and I dont know anyone. I am a sophompre at Georgia Southern and whenever I go home, I end up working all the time at Ted's Montana Grill.

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[17 Aug 2004|12:27pm]

starr's mill represent!
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[13 Aug 2004|02:05am]

Downtown Fayetteville represent!
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[14 May 2004|05:01pm]

[ mood | Reppin ]

white water creek- REPRESENT

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